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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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ceremonies that paid tribute to america's soldiers. and lanes are blocked along one no one in marin county, i have details in just a few minutes. it is 5:00 now. we're following a developing story where there's been a police shooting. we've put in several calls to vallejo pd try to figure out what happened and what caused this apartment complex to be completely shut off. we spoke to an officer that's been guarding the area he's been here just after midnight after everything is wrapping up. since then its brought out a multi agency's investigation.
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we have reports that might believe the blaze was chasing a stolen car. we're hearing that this could possibly beat this stolen car. an officer was taken away to the hospital, he sustained some type of dog bite to this way. potentially from his own canine unit, we're waiting for the police to call us back to confirm that. the officer is actually from san mateo county. solano county does not have its own privately owned unit so that have to contract out. at this point officers guarding the area. there have been here just after midnight. we have been several calls, we're waiting for police to come firm wyatt this area have been
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blocked off. they have said that they have limited resources at this point that is why there are not a lot of officers on duty to come from these reports. we will keep you updated. we've got a bit of a oil spill up at 1 01 by marin county. thanks guys, if your heading along north 1 01 this list by the san rafael exit. all lanes are shut down until they get this wrapped up. two vehicles and a box tri-tip, there is a oikos bill and some damage said the guard rail. they have let stand across the roadways. they're working to clean this
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up. southbound there is still looking pretty good. dumbarton bridge remains close, this is the ongoing closure starting at to friday nights. in the meantime use the cemetery ridge or 237 as an alternate route. some of that dense fog especially toward the coast line. we're looking at the fog beginning to clear out as we head into the late morning. you could see that fog continuing toward the beaches. out toward the bay, just a beautiful shot. the temperatures are in the '40's and 50's.
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52 in san francisco and 55 degrees in san jose. the patchy fog plans on rainout there for a little. they canceled memorial day ceremonies in jacksonville today because the tropical storm beryl. they could get a foot of rain today as a the storm moves inland. and that storm already caused some problems with power lines. this is an arlington florida. thousands of people in florida and georgia are without power as that storm moves it inland.
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this began connecting menlo park over to a free month is close over the weekend. it is to it replaced expansion joints. there also installing the latest in engineering technology as well to. it can withstand the energy from an event that we have seen in the history. the best way to prepare for the future is to look into the past. this morning there is construction concern are the new span of the bay bridge. the concrete section of the eat page had not harden. experts say the structural integrity could be compromised. caltran says that to the bridges
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down and can withstand any anticipated earthquake. crews are demolishing the existing road and installing a traffic bridge. for st. will not reopen until tomorrow morning. the fireworks lit the sky to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the cool to gate bridge. thousands gathered at the waterfront area touch watch the celebration. many people what or bike to meet for the celebration. i remember my daughter was 2 years old on the 50 it. back in 1987, the middle of
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the bridge sank about 7 ft. to under the weights of the all those people. many are arrived at the waterfront the chaos and use of the celebration. 75 years, not going to happen again. we missed the 50th, so we thought what that, 75 close enough. if you would like to watch the entire fire work show we have a posted on our web sites. coming up, facebook's answered to make money from its
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growing mobile audience. and some golf ball sized hail more details on that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lots of memorial day events across the bay area today. though parade that will start at proceed to grounds and head to presidio cemetery this morning at 11. there will be a parade in a special tribute to honor all veterans at 1:00 today. supporters raised $55,000 to a host the soldiers space out of kentucky on a three day trip to the very end.
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i honor your volunteers. this has been a challenge for the past years. it is not easy. this is a special year for the memorial day parade. 40 years ago san mateo was the first city to honor veterans coming back from them did not more. dozens of boy scout troops worked this weekend to place it flags over fallen service members. the 91st there's also a ceremony at 10 at 7 park in walnut creek. today brock obama will lay a wreath at the tomb of unknowns.
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the tribute at the arlington national cemetery will begin at 11:00. 50 years ago the united states deployed thousands of military advisers to bid on. a police shooting overnight in the city of vallejo. we have unconfirmed reports of a chase and this officer was wheeled into a ambulance with a leg injury. we will have an up day coming up with kate goh during. and tropical storm beryl boarded then florida land about
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12:00 midnight. foggy conditions if you're working your way out of marin county. we are also falling an accident at of men by the san raphael exit. they've got sand in the roadways and they're waiting for cal trans crews to get this completely out of the way. this yellow here rom our censors is indicating some slower speeds in the area. sluggish as you work your way toward the accident and get around that mass. dumbarton bridge remains close in both directions prayed it is the ongoing closure since friday night. hopefully everything will open
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in time for the morning commute on tuesday at 5:00. there are some changes to your mass transit's schedule. a strain is not running today. the lookout for that if you're taking part this morning. the rest of the bay area, a lot of the east bay and south bay area no delays. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge as you work your way toward san francisco. clear across the incline, no troubles as you work your way at a san francisco and into oakland. i saw more sons than cars on
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the road today. it was a nice to me it's in today. some fog developing out toward the coast line. the temperatures right now, 43 degrees in santa rosa. 55 degrees in san jose. 52 degrees in san francisco. things are going to change. it looks like the afternoon hours will provide plenty of sunshine. some '70s into the valley. still cool out toward the coast. you will find some 80 used toward the central valley. 64 degrees in lake tahoe. high-pressure just building in, and a weak bridge building in. a little foggy out toward the
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coastline. then the rich will start to strengthen over the next couple of days. more fog and low clouds on the way. temperatures could be down today, but still not bad. about 66 in san mateo. temperatures moving well into the '70s as you work your way to the bay. 73 in napa valley. 71 degrees in petaluma. it should be about 61 degrees in san francisco. temperatures will soar as we head into wednesday and thursday. of tinkles though as we head into next week in.
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san jose police are looking for people that shot and killed a 16 year-old boy. a second victim is hospitalized with not life-threatening injuries. they say the shooting was gang- related. brian thanks prom long beach is suing after he spent five years locked up for a no contest plea. the women that accused him of raping her admitted that she lied. this is in franklin. but the clouds were seen throughout the area. it produced off sized hail. that's going to leave a mark. a big problem in kansas.
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bake, the size of a golf ball there. causing all kinds of damage there. when gusts hitting it at about 60 mi. per hour. there is something else in the sky for you to see. tonight we should be able to see a half moon and mars. mars will actually appear as a bright yellow orange spots to the left of the man. because mars is moving away from the earth, it is the best chance to see it for the next few months. new blockbusters taking down their ventures in the box office. this morning facebook's new project that could be aching changer. coming up.
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patchy fog along the coastline. '70s inland. more details on your way coming up. and an accident and an oil spill causing trouble for morning commute. that looks fun. the golden gate bridge anniversary wasn't the only party that was going on yesterday. in bills itself as the largest multi-cultural celebration. showcases food and dancing and costumes. is facebook getting into the smart phone business? according to the new york times is planning to launch its own phone by next year. the company says that it's
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already hired ex apple employees to designed the device. for the right price you and your loved one could rest next to of this press leaves tomb. men in suits are taking over the box office. it tip will smith and some alien stood the throne super heroes and at the theaters. it debuted as the no. 1 movie with $55 million in the blockbust terror box office.
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the dictator and chernobyl diaries rounded out to be the top five. is 525, avoiding that downs at their port, the new technology for avoiding the officers are still on seen that a blocked off apartment complex in vallejo. the details that we know happened here. and presidio and across the bay area several memorial day services, we will be a list of them.
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we got some live pictures of the scene of a police shooting. this is in vallejo. we are learning about the injuries the suspect and a hospital officer. and we're following a trouble spot to in san raphael. of dvd tells in just a few minutes. nearly 530 now and we begin with a police shooting just out of a neighborhood in vallejo.
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a suspect and an officer are in the hospital. kate goh gear and has the story. investigators are still here right now collecting evidence. flashes of light are going on behind me, i am assuming they're taking photos. it is by this apartment complex. this is how it looks like earlier this morning. i spoke to an officer who says he won't has been here since the incident which was 12:00. we have unconfirmed reports that police were is chasing a stolen vehicle. the chase ended here at this apartment complex. we have video of a car with open doors here in the area. we also note pay officer was
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taken to the hospital with a dog bite injuries. possibly from his own canine. solano county does not have their own crime lab so they have to contract are to other agencies. we've were actually out here on friday that also an all-day officer involved shooting. during that incident they say the suspect turnaround and pointed a gun at them the officers fired and it turned out the gun was a pulley done. we will keep you updated. today is the day to honor
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the nation's military and the bay area has minivans this memorial day. lisa is at one of the bigger parades' happening at the presidio. as you said the memorial day observance at presidio is one of the largest here in the country and just one of several that's happening around the bay area today. this will be the 104th memorial day ceremony. the ceremony which includes the mayor ed lee and attributes the veterans will begin at 1:00. there will also be a memorial day service ceremony aboard the uss carrier.
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they are better equipped, better trained. i hope they're better fed. i on our volunteers and this has been a challenge within the past 10 years with these simple it minutes. one of the been nom veterans the veterans that are based in kentucky's and to welcome them. there is coin to be an honor guard at the ceremony as well as a cannonballs alludes.
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that will be around 1120 this morning. the parade will begin at 1030 this morning. the ceremony will be again at 11:00 upon the parade. the memorial day observance at golden gate will begin at 1130. dozens of boy scout troops work to a place lives over a hundred thousand service members graves. there's also a ceremony at 10 at civic park at walnut creek. just outside the nation's capital, a rock obama will believe a
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in this afternoon the president will speak at a ceremony at the bid on this veterans memorial. 50 years ago the united states deployed thousands of military advisers to it did not. pictures from jekyll island over in florida. they could get up to 8 ft. of rain today. they have closed the beast is. at one of the big hazards of the storm, down power lines in that area. this is an arlington florida. dozens of people are also out of
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power in georgia. of course they needed it the rain fall, but a foot of rain may be little too excessive. we have some clouds moving in along the coastline. now it is completely soft thin trade you can see the clouds stretching on shore. it looks to break up later on. it's going to be a slow break up today. '60s and the '70s around the bay area and out toward the coast. it looks like we're in for big warmup, let's check out the road with gian up. i want to give you a
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situation underway on hansen. this is east of 883 i'll give you more details as it comes in. we are also monitoring this trouble spots, no. 1 01, at the sam rafael exits. at one point you were able to use the on and off ramps but now they are directing traffic completely off the road. south won a one not affected. and the dumbarton and bridge still closed for a seismic retrofitting. it is expected to open up on tuesday at 5:00 a.m. for your morning commute. back to you guys. there are construction
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concerns over the new span of the bay bridge. the sacramento bee reports that the concrete section had not harden before it was tested. experts say the structural integrity could be compromised. blackout chance does that the structure is sound and it could withstand any earthquake. fireworks capped off the 75th anniversary celebration for the golden gate bridge. unbelievable, thousands gathered at the waterfront. earlier in the day it was like a carnival atmosphere in the bay. celebrations from music performances to a car show. it's a very memorable day
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for me, i remember my daughter was 2 years old on the 50th. the bridge was temporarily open to pedestrians but that did not happen this year because back in 1987 because the middle of the average sank 72 because of all the walkers. if you would like to watch the entire fire work show had to our website and you could see the whole thing. caltrans will update its progress on the dumbarton bridge. it is close for the entire holiday weekend. the closure provides time and space to install the retrofitting and the latest technology to the bridge.
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empress tree in san francisco is shut down between mission and how our street. crews are demolishing the existing and road and installing a traffic bridge. it will be open tomorrow morning. a nine year-old attacking ♪
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and following some near future we have a fire at two homes in fremont. the united nations is
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condemning the latest violence in central syria 0.100 civilians died over the weekend in the town of who led to the un special envoy arrived in damascus. they blame the government forces for the killings of russia's foreign minister that says that both sides of the conflict had handed the deaths by 44 the memorial day holiday means the markets are closed that time-honored activity is now costing a few extra bucks prices forced it to her support prop. ranchers are raising fewer cattle also enjoy the steaks and burgers today the newly pricers pricier. sending a big fat bill to president obama's. it charges him in his reelection campaign with an 35 grant of for the city's debt
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during fund-raising visit to the mayor says that is the task that the extra police officers your reserve officers and some of the overtime pay the fund-raiser was held in an area because traffic closures prez's likely republican challenger mitt romney is good to join arizona senator john mccain cities that aren't museum remembers of the military. in a few hundred deaf athletes will be on alcatraz this morning they saw them from the historic islands among them than year-old jordan fear of all data county sheriff shall be among the on this people to make that's when. we will be for nine years old? their sneakers.
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i have not done that. i would love to do every time i put my toes in the water think no way. it is cold up there if he avenue plans for this memorial day and it's looking pretty get we're starting out for a green this morning low clouds and fog stretching-shore and now filling into the valley the lid dent especially toward the coastline. temperatures right now 45 degrees and sandras the 55 decrees and senate say into to to crises' have the skill if your head out the door the clouds aren't sure into it will take some time once it does to shift to mostly sunny skies special is temperatures move won't the '70s and said the bay of symbols is that is guises six seasonal '70s patti fog keeping you cool with the coastline it is he breeze. palin across the
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state of five eighties in the central valley. 786 and lake tahoe 72 crees in ukiah still high pressure is it we great. mild across much of the day and is to get to the middle of the week temperatures begin to heat up still thought extends into the bay area that will break up and it will stick and along the coastline. tonight will circle back on shore nine morning hours giveaways and will stars in the afternoon 66 in san mateo nine and half moon bay about 77 in berlin and antioch. about 72 degrees is heterosis 60 and san francisco. the next couple days will warm things up this temperatures soar well into the 80s and will cool down with more calls coming our way. when
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new informational mistrals belief in monitoring an oil spill and an accident happened just before 4:00 this morning all lanes remain blocked. stitch she says the air strikes is to open everything up around 7:00 so we still have time until the broadway cleans racemes slow speeds as we approach the area and they are diverting traffic off essential cinephile access is also not commit direction so it's lighter than usual we are seeing such plays south 11 still everything looks good at marin county. seismic retrofit work. it's expected to open up and tuesday morning for the money committed both directions remain closed in both directions. there are some
5:49 am
changes to the holiday part is on time but is running high sunday schedule. nummi also on holiday schedule so caltanissetta schedule sought the advice to their eternal construction is underway the first-rate as close as a result in mission in howard streets to result in as to that area. and the rest of the areas are quiet. the delays only six minutes. also the ultimate pass looks very nice. i thought of one pass how the up to speed up as your career to pleasanton and dublin also high for some new westbound a somerville college to pass any area everything was
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good it would look at 58 the city is your to wait to hear and traffic is very light said they some good news of a more informations it comes in december fell. did police officers in los angeles once talked justin deeper after a run in with a photographer this often happened yesterday at a shopping mall in calabasas as the pop star left a movie theater with his girlfriend. the for several told police that he physically battered him now less angeles county sheriff's investigators want to get to be recited the story. in less than a very small photographer. the shall not go on for lady got out. this year canceled a concert in indonesia after islamic hardliners spread violence issue and john the june 5th show was shot dead a safety concerns for the sierra defense is was a most popular islamic country the cholera bulbar
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major problems for some fremont for a structure fire has blocked a way of and it will sell in simmer fell blocking 11 as the december fall. where the moderate care category grasses causing problems warm weather coming up. 5543 people from the sacramento area were covering after this divided plane crashed in idaho they're lucky folks there says that crash and a flight from sacramento and idaho and went down a mountainside saturday night the minister is cell phone call to 911 but was to snowy and to use steep for
5:55 am
them to be rescued until sunday all should be ok the federal government funds cheese defense technology to reduce the number of pat down searches at airports. it put a request for companies to come up with a hand-held device. currently pack down searches are down after a passenger sets off an alarm and a full body scanner. the pat downs happened too often. one lawmaker called the airlines to get families a break u.s. senator charlie shirk charles schumer of new york should be able to sit together without having to pay the extra fees for windows seats they have this new source of revenue will charge extra money for the seat here is the department of transportation will regulate. but the third time dario frankie the wind in the 500 hundred. bernanke take the checkered
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flag with the indy 520 times nellie happier than that cal by the way that is her has been to one his celebrated with a traditional milk bath. by to say this in the next half-hour new rumors of a facebook phone house some top talent for apple could make it happen. plus it barrels down in the southeast has a tropical storm is ready to holly weekend plans. in a valley city of vallejo the latest on the injuries to a suspect and an officer a live report we come back. there's several memorial day events planned across the bay will tell you about a few of them and hear how you can [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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in vallejo blocks off an entire apartmen complex coming up will tell you what one neighbor said she sought. did police say she was found in the bay bridge with the builder the project had been keeping secrets. typically sign an inkatha skies this memorial day and planning of sunshine details coming up. and i will spell has all been shut down in central server fell the rest of the bay area details of its. good morning it is monday at memorial day. 6:00 it is happening right now fremont fire burns at two homes near here is another real we started hearing a lot fire about half our goal is it to early reports of some of like some oxygen tanks were splitting a sudden halt in firefighter may have been injured but it appears no one inside t


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